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Ancient Temple Run 2 ➻ Does Temple Run 2 Have an End?

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This article will tell you about Ancient Temple Run 2 and the corresponding knowledge points about Temple Run 2. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Temple Run 2 achievement strategy 2. How to play Temple Run 2 3. Android version "Temple Run 2" character abilities and attribute introduction 4. Temple Run 2 obstacle summary 5. "Temple Run 2" 2 "Introduction to the basic props of the Android version Temple Run 2 Achievement Raiders The third is the low boardwalk. Each path has its own different pitfalls and characteristics. The way to achieve the right-handed achievement in Temple Run 2 is as follows: Do not collect gold coins within 2000 meters. Continue on the left for 2000 meters. Skill selection acceleration or lightning fly. That is, tilt to the direction of the task and click on the super rampage. That is, the left-handed achievement is achieved. MoneyBin money warehouse gets 2500 coins. FantasticFour Fantastic Four Unlock 4 characters. InteriorDecorator Unlocks 3 wallpapers. SexySix sexy 6 people unlock 6 characters. Piggy Bank piggy bank to get 250 coins; Treasure Hunter treasure hunter to get 50000 points; 1Mega Bonus many rewards to complete 4 achievements; 1Athlete athlete ran over 2500M; How to play Temple Run 2 1. Turn in advance. This method is the most recommended. In the corner, turn early and hit the wall, and turn automatically later, no need to click again. As shown in the figure below, if you turn left, you will hit the wall, monsters will appear, and your speed will slow down. At the same time, when you are at the curve of the runway, the system will automatically turn left without any operation. 2. During operation, slide your finger up on the screen to let the character grab the cable and slide forward. The game screen design is very detailed, showing the process of the character grabbing the cable and sliding. 3. While jumping forward, you can turn in mid-air. When the running distance increases, the running speed will be faster, and the obstacles and corners will also increase. This trick is often used. If you feel that the character's speed is too fast, you can run against the wall while running, which can slow down some speed. 4. I hope it will be helpful to the players. Temple Run 2 infinite running skill rope BUG. Infinite straight running is to start the tutorial, after he finishes teaching you, press restart, after the new game starts, enter the mine and restart. , When you get the protection, slide down and jump up immediately, you can ignore the buildings that need to slide down. Android version "Temple Run 2" Character Abilities and Attributes Introduction Dangerous Man The first protagonist to appear (that is, the protagonist who can only be selected by default in the first game) is Guy Dangerous, literally translated as Dangerous Man, according to the introduction of the official website Gumiao In Escape 2, he is a character with average abilities in all aspects (in fact, the four protagonists have almost no difference in speed, jumping speed, etc. in the game). Ancient Temple Escape 2 Let’s look at the attributes of the Devil Hunter. Ancient Temple Escape 2: Demon Hunter’s full level attribute: 80% gold coin bonus, 50% acceleration bonus. Skills can be extended to increase the distance by upgrading, and the maximum level is level 5. Temple Run 2 Barry belongs to the initial character, and the initial escape in the game started from him. Although he is the initial character, he also has skills. Next, I will introduce you in detail for Ancient Temple Run 2. Everyone Get up and see. Halloween, of course, is the coming of Temple Run 2, and the advent of Night Walk of Ghosts. This time, "Temple Run 2" adds two new Halloween characters, skeleton knight and vampire zombie. Summary of Obstacles in Temple Escape 2 1. As shown in the picture above in Ancient Temple Escape 2, we have two ways to pass this obstacle in Ancient Temple Escape 2: activate the shield skill in front of the small river, jump over the small river, and pass the wooden stake through the barrier. Shield to resist damage and pass safely. Launch the sprint skill directly in front of Xiaohe. The sprint can ignore the damage of any obstacle and must pass. 2. Jumping over obstacles When encountering small tree roots or narrow roads, you can lean left or right through the gravity sensor, and you can quickly run over. At this time, you must pay special attention to controlling the direction, otherwise you will be caught by the small tree roots If you stumble, it will affect your running speed, and you will be caught by monsters if you are not careful; you may also fall off the cliff next to the narrow road, which will end the game. 3. What are the obstacles in the game Temple Run 2? How to avoid these obstacles? In the game, if you encounter some broken circuits or stone blocks blocking the way, you can pass by swiping up and down, that is, jumping or sliding. Just jump up when you meet the sling, and you can shake the phone left and right to make the protagonist tilt his body left and right. 4. The waterway is also very dangerous. Now let's talk about the skills of passing the obstacles of Temple Run 2 River Tomb. Many players are more likely to hang on to the obstacle that appears together with the river and the log in the later stage. To pass this obstacle smoothly, you must master good skills! In the later stage, the speed has become very fast, and one jump can be skipped. Introduction to the basic props of "Temple Run 2" Android version 1. Shield duration: Upgrading this skill can extend the duration of the shield. Note that the shield is only effective for obstacles on the road. If you fall off the cliff, the shield will be invalid. Coin Magnet: Upgrading this skill can extend the duration of the magnet. 2. Temple Run 2 props introduction: Coin Value: You can change the color of the coin. Shield duration: Upgrading this skill can extend the duration of the shield. Note that the shield is only effective against obstacles on the road. If you fall off the cliff, the shield will be invalid. Coin Magnet: Upgrading this skill can extend the duration of the magnet. 3. Magnet: This is a prop that randomly appears in the game. After the player picks it up, it can help the player pick up the gold coins on the roadside. If the player has upgraded to level 5 before the magnet's performance disappears, it means The duration of the magnets in this game will grow. 4. Holiday hats: Christmas hats Temple Run 2 To get a complete hat, you need to collect various props. Each hat needs to be composed of more than ten kinds of props. You can only get the hat if you collect it completely! How to collect Temple Run 2 hat props: directly open the treasure chest in the props interface to get it. Treasure chests are divided into gold coin treasure chests and diamond treasure chests. 5. The green shield in the upper left corner is a special ability; the diagonal 8 in the upper right corner is a skill. There are props; powerful magnets, which can attract gold coins; green man shape, runaway; star shape, score rewards; three gold coins, gold coin rewards; swimming ring, resurrection; I haven’t played for a long time, I only remember this much, please forgive me if I’m wrong . This is the end of the introduction to Ancient Temple Run 2 and Does Temple Run 2 have an end. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Ancient Temple Run 2 ➻ Does Temple Run 2 Have an End?

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