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Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition➻Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition Raiders

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This article will talk about Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition and the knowledge points corresponding to Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition Raiders. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents of this article: 1. Super Three Kingdoms 5 Cheats 2. How to add points to the 4399 Super Three Kingdoms Invincible Edition mini game It is more in line with the plot. The initial 5-point attribute is added to the attack. It is a bit slow at the beginning. It should be said that it is very slow. The force of 10 hits a pig for 20, and a pig has 20 experience. The upgrade is quite fast. Internal tactics: When Cao Pi is appointed as a political officer, the upgrade time of urban construction facilities will be reduced by 30%. Play by ear/Simplify administration: Increase the political attributes of generals. Quarrying Proficiency: When appointing a quarrying officer, the income of stone materials and farming will increase. The strategist's skills are fully reflected in the late period of Three Kingdoms 5 Li. In the early stage of the game, there are not many troops in combat, so it is not very prominent, but in the later stage, the strategist's skills are indeed a magic weapon for defeating the enemy. 4399 Super Three Kingdoms Invincible Edition mini-game how to add points 1. Upgrade and add all the added intelligence, and when you finally fight the BOSS, you can hit more than 1,000 at once. 2. Click + at the place you want to add a point. Strength is to increase the attack points and life value of the enemy, intelligence is to increase the attack points and magic value of the enemy's skills, and upgrade skills after reaching a certain point, crit is double attack, defense is to reduce the enemy's attack points to the enemy's skills invalid. 3. The moderator, I recommend adding some Liu Bei attributes to the character. The physical flow and the magic flow are not too sharp (compared to other people). It is recommended to use the magic flow to increase the experience of spawning monsters. At the beginning, add a few defenses. 5. 4. Level points After acquiring the skills, Liu Bei can learn Single Fire Art, and Guan Yu can learn Green Leaf Piercing Heart. Although the power is not very good at level 1, it is much better than using ordinary monsters. Then skip the dialogue and officially start the game. What's next? Of course, do as Yuan Shao said, first stroll around Jizhou City to familiarize yourself with the shape. 5. haode. First fight wild boars to get money, and buy 5 bottles of wine from the small shop. I'm looking for Kong Ming. To get pork from wild boars, I am looking for Kong Ming. I have already bought wine, and I will order Kong Ming again, and I will upgrade to level 5 to solve Huang Zhong. Go to the equipment store to buy Liu Bei a flat step sword. Go up the mountain to fight pirates, and then look for Kong Ming after the fight. 6. First open "Super Three Kingdoms 2" with the 4399 mini-game, move the mouse on the game screen, and you will see the Thunder icon "Download", click to download. After the download is complete, drag it to the frame of the flash game modification master, but it will show that it cannot be played. Super Three Kingdoms 5 Battle of Chibi Invincible Edition Raiders 1. Create a new character. I haven’t changed it. I used Liu Bei, which is more in line with the plot. The initial 5-point attribute is added to the attack. It’s a bit slow at the beginning, it should be said to be very slow, 10 Hit a pig with force for 20 times, and you have 20 experience for hitting a pig, and the upgrade is quite fast. 2. Feeding. (Feed and drink the general) 20 times 40 experience firefighting. (Firefighting at a friend's house) Steal soldiers with 40 experience for 20 times. (Catch soldiers at a friend's house) 20 times at least 50 experience! Friends with higher levels of experience will also increase assistance. 3. Go to Suzaku Mountain first, talk to Widow Wang, and after accepting the love letter task, fight the level 1-5 organs. After the person reaches level 5, fight the two soldiers (500 blood) guarding Suzaku Mountain. Note that after going up the mountain, you must Fight two minions with 500 blood. If you think you can't fight, you can go to the inn to sleep before fighting. 4. The long-awaited Super Three Kingdoms 2 has finally come out. Here I will write the strategy experience I learned when playing this game. If there is something bad, I hope everyone will not criticize me. This is the end of the introduction about Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition and Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition Raiders. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition➻Super Three Kingdoms 5 Invincible Edition Raiders

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